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Emerging Artists Philanthropies

A 501c3 Charity

Who we are:
Emerging Artists Philanthropies is a charitable organization that focuses on providing support to emerging artists in the form of grants, scholarships, mentorship, networking opportunities, presentation and marketing assistance, and access to necessary resources and equipment. This assistance will help them grow as artists, as well as extend their reach to a larger audience.

EAP is a division of LG Fine Arts (LatinArts-Granada), which unites individuals and charitable organizations to invest in the next generation of artists by supporting their technical and creative development.


Through the auspices of the Museo de Bellas Artes, located in Granada, Nicaragua, we have begun to focus on the emerging artist in one of the oldest colonial cities in Central America. The city’s rich history and well-preserved colonial architecture date back to 500 years, and have played an important role in the region’s political, economic, and cultural development.

Supporting Nicaragua’s Artists

The job of the artist is to hold up the mirror to their people and remind them who they are.

The home base for Emerging Artists Philanthropies is the Parque Boutique Hotel and Galería del Arte, and will partner with the Museo de Bellas Arte, both in Granada, Nicaragua, for various outreach and presentations. Both the galería del arte and museo will act as hubs for this outreach. All art genres will be encouraged, represented and buoyed.

Emerging Artiste Nicaragua Foundation

Building for the Future

EAP has aspirations to help the Nicaraguan storytellers imagine a time in the future (five to seven years, perhaps) where there would be enough skill, technique, equipment and narrative ideas to hold a Nicaraguan Film Festival.

Emerging Artiste
Emerging Artiste
Emerging Artiste
Emerging Artiste

Imagine the Future

With the assistance of LatinX artists from the US and beyond, one imagines a dialogue and training/mentoring experience between artists and creatives in Granada and established artists/mentors from around the Spanish speaking world and beyond.


Emerging Artiste Nicaragua Foundation

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