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Currently, EAP is investing in and supporting Granada’s own “I CAN READ Library”

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Puedo Leer

I Can Read Library

Biblioteca Puedo Leer

The “I CAN READ LIBRARY” (Biblioteca Puedo Leer) shares their knowledge and trains different groups how to read a book and share and promote that knowledge with other members of the community, by creating small libraries that children and teenagers can immerse themselves in the wonderful stories and tales of spectacular adventures. They are committed to the children in the community of Panatanal (one of the poorer areas of Granada, Nicaragua) by bringing the joy of books two times per week. The children are encouraged to read more and different books every day.


Biblioteca Puedo Leer has a mission to bring the love of books and reading to all the children of Granada, Nicaragua (to start. We have hopes to expand to all of Nicaragua if that seems feasible).


We want to see all the children of Granada become members of the Library: we see them borrowing books to take home, and reading on a regular basis. We know that regular reading improves reading abilities; that, then, improves performance at school, which can lead to success in whatever field of endeavor every child chooses as an adult.


The establishment of lending libraries and reading rooms in different areas of Granada, so that more citizens, especially children, have free and easy access to books for reading enjoyment and learning.
The development of a simplified system for organizing books in the library so that all readers can access books easily.
A system for borrowing and taking books from the library that keeps records of who is borrowing and what they have borrowed so that books do not go missing.
A regular process to examine books for any damage so that the book can be repaired before it might disintegrate.
The establishment of a school lending program so that teachers in public elementary schools of Granada have at least one new book a day to read aloud to their students.
The formation of mobile libraries that can travel to different areas of the city. This means taking books to the people, particularly the children, in order for them to enjoy the books, closer to where they live.
The development and maintenance of a regular process of communication with all donors and people who are interested in Biblioteca Puedo Leer. These communications will inform people of library activities: past, present, and future.
Developing a system for soliciting donations in order to maintain the library services. This system will need to be easily accessible by donors outside of Nicaragua so that they can help, with little effort.
The development of a program that would be funded by specific donations to provide schools with micro bibliotecas of approximately 100 books, and one day workshops for staff and volunteer parents. This program would be the start of actual school libraries for use by teachers, students and volunteers.
The establishment of reading incentive programs to encourage to read more books, and different types of books.
To be available for support for other projects in Granada by offering our services as a library. This service will differ with the needs of the projects, but, it will always be in line with our mission statement.
To ensure the library functions well into the future, providing library services to all parts of the city for all the foreseeable future.

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