Colectiva Tonatzin
de mujeres
en el arte

EAP is investing and supporting in The Art Collective for Women in Nicaragua.

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“When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge – every adversity – contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.”
– Roy T. Bennett

Emerging Artiste

Colectiva Tonatzin
de mujeres
en el arte

EAP is investing in and supporting The Art Collective for Women in Nicaragua.

Through the efforts of Emerging Artists Philanthropies, the young women of the Colectiva Tonatzin have already been able to add silkscreening to their list of artistic skills. Twice we have rented a silkscreen from a company in Managua, Nicaragua and have provided the young women with “masterclasses” in silkscreen technique and practice. This means that, in addition to working on paper, they are now able to produce clothing art.

We have helped them buy paint:

Buy a case for supplies:

Rent panels used in the silkscreen process:

As well as the scrapers used to push the ink in the silkscreen process:

Rent the silkscreen carousel

As well as rent the propane and dryer unit

Rather than renting equipment EANF would like to support the Colectiva Tonatzin by helping them purchase their own Silkscreen carousel machine and dryer unit, as well as the attendant supplies necessary (scrapers, screens, spatulas, etc).

The price of said equipment is:

Silkscreen carousel: $7,000
Dryer unit: $3,000
Purchase of tools, gas, paints, etc: $1,500

Total Support: $10,150

Managed by:

Emerging Artiste - Nicaragua Foundation


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