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Meaningful support for artists in Nicaragua.

Emerging Artists Philanthropies is a charitable organization that focuses on providing support to emerging artists in the form of grants, scholarships, mentorship, networking opportunities, presentation and marketing assistance, and access to necessary resources and equipment. This assistance will help them grow as artists, as well as extend their reach to a larger audience.

EAP is a division of LG Fine Arts (LatinArts-Granada), which unites individuals and charitable organizations to invest in the next generation of artists by supporting their technical and creative development.

Through the auspices of the Museo de Bellas Artes, located in Granada, Nicaragua, we have begun to focus on the emerging artist in one of the oldest colonial cities in Central America. The city’s rich history and well-preserved colonial architecture date back to 500 years, and have played an important role in the region’s political, economic, and cultural development.

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Philanthropic investment is essential for the survival and growth of arts and culture in any community. Supporting creative innovation enables new experimental art forms and projects, as well as allows for the development of educational programs and community-building by supporting events and initiatives that bring people together. Philanthropic investment can drive economic development by supporting arts organizations and individual artists who, in turn, create jobs and attract tourism.

With the help of private donations, emerging artists in Latin America and other developing countries can begin (or further pursue) their passion, while making valuable contributions to the cultural landscape.

Donations can provide emerging artists with access to resources such as equipment and facilities, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities. This will help them develop their skills, gain exposure to new inspirations and opportunities, and increase their visibility in the art world. Philanthropic support helps build a sense of community, connecting emerging artists with each other, established mentors and professionals, and patrons who can offer guidance and support.

Premiere Project:
Artists of Nicaragua

Emerging Artists Philanthropies, a division of LG Fine Arts (LatinArts-Granada), a 501c3 Public Benefit Corporation, has been established for the investment in, and benefit of, emerging artists of all types (visual and performing) in Nicaragua. This investment is made in dollars and cents and the rewards are several-fold. First of all, the US dollar (which is approximately 36 Nicaraguan Cordobas) can go so much further to aid artists in purchasing supplies, helping organizations with rent, paying for tuition for music lessons, as well as creating avenues of introduction to promoters and presenters for artists of all various types.

Nicaragua is a burgeoning economy in Central America. Currently one of the poorest countries in all of the Americas, Nicaragua is seeing a gradual increase of financial investment from savvy investors across the globe. The Arts in Nicaragua is equally fertile ground for investment, both in the artists of Nicaragua and for the potential for opening up an economy based on the arts. Emerging Artiste Nicaragua Foundation was founded to begin to undergird the artistic community of Granada, Nicaragua (as our starting point) in order to identify, develop and foster emerging talent in all of the areas of the arts: performing and visual. “Emerging” an artist is to make them come to prominence. In this sense, Emerging Artiste Nicaragua Foundation is committed to supporting both young artists who are emerging in their particular talent, and established artists who are ready to emerge onto the world stage.

The home base for Emerging Artists Philanthropies is the Parque Boutique Hotel and Galería del Arte, and will partner with the Museo de Bellas Artes, both in Granada, Nicaragua, for various outreach and presentations. Both the galería del arte and museo will act as hubs for this outreach. All art genres will be encouraged, represented, and buoyed.

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A country brimming with artistic potential.

Emerging Artiste
Emerging Artiste